About Us


KAFAK Industrial, Trade and Marketing Co. was established in 2004 to become one of the first-class local companies in the field of food manufacturing and vegetable oil packaging. The Company includes a number of distinguished trademarks including: Yara, Virgil and Akeed. The company continuously provides distinguished food products produced by local hands and international quality assurance, which makes the Company one of the most prominent food industry companies in Jordan, the region and the world. The company has the largest factory of vegetable oils as well as highly qualified technical and administrative team.

The company was crowned for its efforts in the field of manufacturing food products to the highest international standards by obtaining the ISO International Certificate 02200:2005ISO.


To reach international markets through products that meet the world’s leading and most important international standards in the field of manufacturing food and vegetable oils.


KAFAK provides a range of food products including: Margarine and Vegetable Oils under the following three band names: YARA, VIRGIL and AKEED.

KAFAK provides the finest and highest quality of oil products in the market.